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Snapple the Kayaking Redbone relaxing by the fire after a long day of Kayaking.

Sanpple the Kayaking Redbone
Congratulations Snapple! Snapple was chosen as March Pet of the Month by Planet Gizmo and has also been voted as one of the two April Dogs of the Month for The Dog Bonery! For additional photo's, click on the picture above or here to view her page at The Dog Bonery's web site!

April 22nd marks the 41st Anniversary of Earth Day

   Over 1 billion people world wide are expected to participate in Earth Day activities this year. 2011 will mark the 41st anniversary of Earth Day, which was founded by Senator Gaylord Nelson on April 22, 1970 to raise awareness for our responsibility to this planet

Earth Day Flag  Help celebrate Earth Day 2011 by volunteering in clean up projects, planting trees and other
environmentally focused projects in your local community. Continue the
celebration throughout the year by making every day Earth Day; recycle,
reduce your energy use and use environmentally friendly products and

  For more information about how you can help locally, visit the Earth Day Network's website by clicking here,


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